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Three reasons why Tuscany is perfect for your destination wedding

Covering about 23,000 square kilometers in central Italy, the region of Tuscany has become something of a dream destination for couples. On top of being a prime holiday spot, it’s also a beautiful place to get married, and soonlyweds have long been attracted to this alluring region.

Anyone familiar with the stunning scenery here wouldn’t need much convincing to understand why it makes for such a picturesque destination for a ceremony. But if you’re still considering your options, here are three reasons why Tuscany should be top of your list when planning a destination wedding.




Set in the idyllic Italian countryside, Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the most pristine and naturally charming regions on the continent. The rolling hills and lush olive groves are never far from the front page of a travel brochure (or Instagram feed for the Gen Z couples), and after just one glimpse, you’re sure to fall in love with this most romantic of settings.

As well as enjoying it in the moment, you’ll no doubt want to capture some beautiful photos of your big day to relive it again and again. When planning a destination anywhere in the world, it’s always worth speaking with local photographers who will have an intimate understanding of how to get the most out of the landscape and backdrops. Finding the right vendor is key to creating a beautiful album of memories you’ll never want to close.




There’s something rather special about getting married in the great outdoors. However, this does leave you vulnerable to the elements, and there’s nothing like a bit of rain to put a dampener on proceedings. Fortunately, summertime in Tuscany brings with it very little to no rainfall, so you can virtually guarantee gorgeous conditions to tie the knot in.

This gives you the freedom to plan your day exactly how you want it, perhaps combining an outdoor ceremony with some indoor components too. However you choose to enjoy the landscape, when visiting in the summertime, you can do so without stressing about the prospect of any rain on your parade.


Food and drink


Italian cuisine needs no introduction, and this part of the country is particularly adept at cultivating an abundance of beautiful ingredients that are used to create some truly unique dishes and drinks. When it comes to the culinary options, lean on local and organic produce and fill your menu with hearty breads and pasta dishes – pici senesi is a particular favorite in this part of the world. Tuscan cooking is characterised by simple ingredients and bold flavours, and few dishes encapsulate these principles better than Biscetta alla Fiorentina. Best served with a hearty red, this beef dish symbolises the beauty of Tuscan cooking, and is well worth adding to your menu if you want to incorporate local specialities.

The amateur wine connoisseurs on the guest list will be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of sampling some world-class reds and whites. Tuscany’s specialty is red wine, with the Sangiovese grape responsible for producing some truly prolific wines. But don’t let that hold the white wine enthusiasts back; there are plenty of beautiful whites also produced across the region, so there’ll be something to satisfy even the fussiest vinicultural savant in the family. One of the most spectacular options to include on your very own wine list is Vernaccia di San Gimignano. This crowd-pleasing, historic wine has been awarded DOCG status, meaning it ranks amongst the very best wines produced in Italy.

If everything else goes wrong on your big day, at least you can rest assured knowing the wine won’t let you down.


Tie the knot in Tuscany


Italy certainly isn’t short of charming places to host a wedding ceremony, but Tuscany may just be the most romantic of them all. If you’re dreaming of a wedding here, make sure you allow yourself enough time to plan all the finer details of the day, and you’ll be left to enjoy the destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of.


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Three reasons why Tuscany is perfect for your destination wedding

Covering about 23,000 square kilometers in central Italy, the region…
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