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Safe Hotel

The Casolare Le Terre Rosse Country Hotel

Safe, free, and unforgettable

A vast park area where guests can freely spend their time relaxing in a thousand different ways, all while maintaining the necessary social distancing, breathing the fresh country air, and enjoying the comfort and spaciousness of their rooms and apartments: these are just some of the amenities that make our hotel a safe place to stay during these difficult times. 

Learn more about what we do to protect your health and offer you a special and risk-free vacation, with passion and professionalism. 

Rediscover your love for Tuscany, at our country hotel immersed in the region’s beautiful countryside.

Always safe:

  • The freedom of the Chianti wine region

Our location is ideal for a safe and relaxing Tuscan vacation. We’re located in the open countryside, right in the heart of the Sienese Chianti region. Staying at our country hotel, you'll have the opportunity to freely and independently explore numerous picturesque cities, villages and landscapes.You can enjoy pleasant strolls through the hills on foot, or head out to discover beautiful destinations by car, all in complete safety.


  • Outdoor fun 

A vacation at the Casolare Le Terre Rosse Hotel offers many opportunities to engage in sports activities and enjoy yourself outdoors. You can enjoy trekking along the Via Francigena, and e-bike rides through the vineyards and clearings of the Chianti region. All independently, with no risk of unwanted contact.


  • Lots of green areas for relaxing

The country hotel has a 3-hectare park area: a space large enough to ensure that each guest has the opportunity to relax in the open air. Maintaining social distancing here is easy... we’ve already arranged the shade umbrellas in such a way as to avoid large gatherings. All you have to do is relax!


  • Private parking

Our hotel in Tuscany features a large private parking lot for guests. You can park and retrieve your car independently, and can rest assured that that you’re the only one with access to your vehicle. No valet. No contact.


  • Fresh country air, any time you want

All the rooms and apartments at the Casolare open up to the outdoors: fully opening windows, French doors, and small private gardens offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a breath of fresh air whenever they want. It's easy to open up your room and enjoy some fresh air.


Safety for today's world:

  • Absolute sanitation

We scrupulously follow all the provisions issued by the competent bodies to ensure the protection of public health. We have an industry certified company sanitize all the hotel’s rooms with ozone machines on a daily basis. We’ve set up hand sanitizer stations for the guests in the common areas. The rooms and apartments are thoroughly sanitized before each new party arrives for their stay, and are sanitized by the cleaning service on a daily basis. However, you can choose whether you want to allow others to enter your room, and can decline the daily cleaning service if you wish to avoid any potential contact.


  • Protected at the pool

Our pool is subject to a two-fold sanitation process, which consists of chlorine treatment and constant machine-monitoring of the bacterial load. The deck area is also contact safe, with the umbrellas and loungers being arranged at safe distances.


  • News Dining Options

We’ve changed our restaurant service to make it safer, while at the same time maintaining the quality of the entrées, and the pleasantness of the overall dining experience. Our staff will serve you lunch in your room, under an umbrella, or picnic-style, with everything you need to enjoy a relaxing time in the park area. If you’re staying in the Garden Room, you'll have the option to be served breakfast and dinner in your lovely private garden. The booking times for the restaurant and veranda are staggered in order to allow everyone to safely enjoy their meal with complete peace of mind.


  • Personalized breakfast

At the Casolare Le Terre Rosse Hotel, you can enjoy a different breakfast every day. We offer numerous options to start the day when, where and how you prefer. We’ll serve your breakfast in the bar room, in the park area, or in your room, including the outdoor veranda. Choose from among the daily specialties in our buffet: you’ll find a list in your room, and can request them from our staff, for a personalized breakfast. Make your choices and let us know what time you prefer to be served: you’ll enjoy a safe and special breakfast each morning of your stay.


  • More technology, less contact

Minimize contact through technology: you can check in online, order your meal, or book a table at the restaurant through WhatsApp and Telegram messages. It’s fast, easy, and safe.


  • Freedom to book your stay

Book your Tuscan vacation with complete peace of mind: at the Casolare Le Terre Rosse Hotel, we offer free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to check-in under every rate plan. We don’t require any down payment, and Italy’s tourist tax has been suspended for all of 2020. Freedom to book your stay, and freedom to change your mind.

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