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October and November are the months of Olio Nuovo in Tuscany

Autumn is a particularly evocative time to visit Tuscany. The foliage covering the streets, the biting early morning chill, and a mixture of new full-bodied flavors that appeal to the palate.

The months of October and November, in particular, mark the arrival of new olive oil, olio nuovo or novello, which is also called olio novo or olio bono in the Tuscan dialect.

An intense and slightly spicy flavor makes it ideal for dressing autumn specialties raw or pouring over a delicious bruschetta. The fruity tone and strong character make Tuscan oil suitable to accompany dishes such as barbecued red meats, game, and hot soups. You can try the new oil with the typical dishes of the season at the Hostaria Restaurant of our Country Hotel Casolare Le Terre Rosse in San Gimignano.



Excellences from the Tuscan land


Tuscany is a land of culinary delights, and olive oil production is among them.

Excellence typical of this territory is the Toscano IGP extra virgin olive oil, regulated by a strict specification that constantly guarantees its quality. In appearance, it has a color ranging from deep green to yellow. The smell is fruity, with aromas of almond, artichoke, ripe fruit, and green leaf, with balanced notes of bitterness and spiciness.

Toscano IGP oil is ideal to accompany legume soups or vegetables - both cooked and raw - and even poured on traditional bruschetta.

The second excellence of the area is the extra virgin olive oil Terre di Siena DOP. As the name suggests, it is produced with olives from the Sienese territory, with at least two of the following varieties: Frantoio, Correggiolo, Leccino, and Moraiolo.

Terre di Siena DOP extra virgin olive oil has a color ranging from green to yellow with chromatic variations over time. The smell is fruity, and the flavor is frequently accompanied by a relatively sharp, spicy aroma. It is delicate and aromatic on the palate, perfect as a raw condiment for cold dishes such as vegetables and bruschetta or hot dishes such as meat, fish, and legumes. 

About 4-6 months after pressing is the time when this oil fully expresses its flavor.


Traditional oil festivals


The arrival of olio nuovo is always celebrated around Tuscany. During this time of the year, you can visit the region's most characteristic villages to enjoy a series of local festivals. There, you can try the different kinds of olive oil and also purchase a bottle to take back home.

For example, about an hour and a half away from our country hotel Casolare Le Terre Rosse you will find the village of Montisi, a small town of Etruscan origins located south of Siena and near Pienza. Right here, where the border between the marvelous Crete Senesi and the beautiful Val d'Orcia, a typical olive oil festival takes place every year in October.

On this occasion, each contrada offers a series of lunches and dinners prepared with the local, new oil. There are also stalls and booths where you can buy freshly pressed olive oil, other local products and crafts, and musical entertainment.

Take advantage of the autumn months to visit the Siena area and enjoy traditional dishes. With new oil enhancing the flavors and a tasty wine glass, it will be a real feast for the palate.

We at the Casolare Le Terre Rosse hotel are ready to welcome you with a rich menu of autumn dishes at the Hostaria and Bruschetta restaurants. Book now a stay at our hotel in San Gimignano and get ready for a tasteful vacation.




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