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Disney also chose San Gimignano

Between August and September 2021, the staff of the Disney-20th Century Studios based in San Gimignano to shoot some scenes of the film Rosaline. The film will hit theaters in 2022.

A film that revisits "Romeo and Juliet" 

A troupe, made up of about 300 people, filmed the beautiful alleys and glimpses of the historic center of the turreted city. 
The film Rosaline, directed by Karen Maine, offers a historical reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet. It takes inspiration from the novel I, Romeo and Juliet by Rebecca Serle. 
Although the author of the book placed the story in the contemporary age, the production translated the book into film by placing it in the Renaissance. 
The title of the film is due to Juliet's cousin, Rosaline, played by Kaitlyn Dever. An idealistic, intelligent girl, in the film she plays the role of Romeo's ex-girlfriend, adored by the latter before falling in love with Juliet. 
Rosaline tries to separate the two famous lovers to win him back. It is the beginning of a journey, of an introspective journey of inner maturation, after which he will try to help the two lovers instead of sabotaging their relationship. 
Rounding out the staff of main actors, Kyle Allen - a real talent - plays Romeo. Isabela Merced will instead be Juliet. 

The beauties of the historic center in world format 

The US production aroused a lot of curiosity during all the filming. 
The historic center of the turreted city was armored for a few days, complete with bodyguards that prevented access to the set. 
Many of the locals responded enthusiastically to the shoot, making themselves available to make extras in the film. The people of San Gimignano who were selected dressed in costume and interpreted ancient crafts. 
In the next few months, a film will be released that will enhance the beauty of the historic center of San Gimignano. 
Piazza della Cisterna, the medieval towers and houses, the cathedral of the town and the alleys full of history will literally be the backdrop to one of the most anticipated films for lovers of the genre. 
Book a stay at our hotel and discover the wonders of San Gimignano that inspired the shooting of the Disney film. 

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