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The Carnival of San Gimignano

Il Carnevale di San Gimignano

The tradition of Carnival is above all linked to the rituals of the earth and the end is celebrated of the winter season to set off towards the rebirth of spring.

Like every year the organizing association of the event will revive the historical rivalry between the two districts of the country, called Arcinobil Contrada di Piazzetta, with the symbol of the bull and the Nobil Contrada di Maremma, represented by a sheep. The two districts are divided urbanistically from the central square of the town, Piazza del Duomo, considered a neutral area, and since the dawn of time have vented their rivalry playing jokes during the Carnival period.

The parade of allegorical floats starts at 2.30 pm. The wagons start from opposite parts of the city center, and then meet in Piazza del Duomo and officially open the party, which lasts until 19:00.

The Carnival of San Gimignano is proposed above all as a party for families, focusing on the fun for children.