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Fashion in Florence

Fashion in Florence

In the 1940s there was no Italian garment industry to speak of. Small tailor and dressmaker shops in the war-wracked cities and towns made clothes to order. From 1952 to 1982, the Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti was the stage for memorable fashion shows thanks to which Italian fashion become a worldwide phenomenon in terms of business and image. Palazzo Pitti became synonymous with contemporary culture and fashion. The Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana was established in 1954, from that time on, this organization would promote all the fashion events. The first edition of Pitti Uomo, featuring men’s clothing and accessories was held in September 1972. A sector in constant growth found its first fair: Pitti Bimbo burst onto the scene in 1975, intercepting the changes in the consumer habits of families and presenting high quality clothing for children. The first edition of Pitti Filati was held in 1977: featuring yarns and research on trends it immediately became a reference point for the slightly anarchic world of knitwear manufacturers and designers of all around the world. 1978 brought Pitti Casa, a show dedicated exclusively to linens for elegant homes

Pitti Uomo 08-11 january2019

Pitti Bimbo : 21 – 23 june 2018

Pitti Filati 27-29  june 2018

Pitti Fragranze 14-16 september  2018

Moda Pima 16-18 november 2018

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