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Visiting San Gimignano is easier with the Official App

Visiting San Gimignano

We could give you a long list of things to do in San Gimignano. Even if it is small, this famous hamlet is full of activities for tourists.

Since it is easy to get in the shoes of a tourist coming to San Gimignano for the first time, who may be disoriented as to how to move, where to go, what to visit, etc. etc. We thought to share a useful news for travelers launched by the municipality of San Gimignano itself.

The new San Gimignano App is available, which can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. What is it about?It is a sort of pocket-sized mini guide of the city, always at your fingertips! How many languages? Translated into English, French, German and Spanish.

What can you find in the app?You can find historical information, the main points of interest to visit and where they are located on the map, information about where to sleep (but of course we hope to have you at our Hotel Casolare Le Terre Rosse and where to eat. You can then get to know the opening hours of the Museums and major tourist attractions, annual events and further information on parking and transportation.

We think this is important technology news for the city of San Gimignano, since it unites the guests to the city and not let them be disoriented in a rather large historical context. Of course, our staff is always available to give you any further information and details during your stay at our hotel. We will be happy to give you our very own tips to avoid disappointment and waste of time, and instead make your holiday in this area the most unforgettable ever.