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Viareggio Carneval

The Viareggio Carneval is a masked party held in the city of Viareggio in Tuscany. It is one of the most popular carnivals in Europe.
The tradition of the parade of allegorical floats in Viareggio was born in 1873 ,when some rich bourgeois decided to disguise themselves to protest against the too many taxes they were forced to pay. The parade of the colorful floats takes place along Viale Regina Margherita and the favorite subjects are caricatures of popular characters.
Since then every year this parade allows to eliminate the discontent of so many people and, at the end of the century, the triumphal chariots appeared in stucco, heavy materials canvas, later replaced by the molded paper mache, to find the maximum refinement in the 30’s 900 with the cast paper. papier-maché.
La Cittadella del Carnevale is the place where the “papier – mâché Masters” set up the  huge Carnival floats.

In 2018THE CARNIVAL MASKED PARADES  will take place  on    27th January,  4th,   11th,   13th, 17th February along the extraordinary Liberty seaside boulevards. .