Hotel Casolare Le Terre Rosse – San Gimignano

The city with beautiful towers

San Gimignano is known by all as “The city with beautiful towers”, which have earned it the nickname of Manhattan in the Middle Ages. In the past they had reached the number of 72, while today century the number of the towers had been reduced to 13.

The most ancient is the Rognosa tower was built at the beginning of the XIII century 1200. The highest is the Torre del Podestà, also called Torre Grossa, 54 meters, In 1255 a regulation was issued that prevented the various families of the city from erecting towers that exceeded, in height the highest of the period, even though the two most important families, Ardinghelli and Salvucci, built two slightly lower towers of almost equal magnitude, to demonstrate its power: the Torri gemelle dei Salvucci e le Torri degli Ardinghelli in Piazza della Cisterna

Today the highest tower reaches 54 meters, and is the Torre del Podestà, also known as Torre Grossa.

The Torre Grossa, together with the twin towers of San Gimignano, are the only ones on which it is possible to climb.

Other towers are: Torre dei Becci in  Piazza della Cisterna , la Torre Chigi,  Torre dei Cugnanesi, Torre del Diavolo