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The legend of the San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany

Only 50 km from our Hotel you can find one of the attractions worth visiting: the famous Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano located in San Galgano, Chiusdino in the province of Siena.

The Abbey is now disenchanted and to also the similarity with the legendary story of “The Sword in the Stone” makes it fascinating. At fifty meters above the abbey, it is possible to find a chapel where is preserved one of the most mysterious relics of the entire Tuscany: the sword of San Galgano.

Who was this?

He was a young knight born in 1147 near Siena. The legend tells us that during a night Archangel Michele appeared to Galgano to drive him through an obscure trail to help him reach the Montesiepi hill where he was then welcomed by 12 Apostles in a circular temple.

The knight interpreted this as a divine sign, which lead him to the decision of making that place his new hermit home. That is why Galgano deliberately abandons his knightly robes and creates a cross by slamming his sword into a rock. The sword has been there for more that 800 years and still is.

To make the legend even more special is that the famous myth of the sword in the stone seems to have been born in Tuscany and subsequently exported to France where he then found a solid foundation in the Arthurian circle (King Arthur). The discovery of the Abbey and Sword had great clamor across Europe. It is a mystery that still survives today and may never be revealed. But we believe that this is exactly what makes the place and its history special.

Going to Montesiepi, at the center of the circular chapel, it is impossible to notice a rock spur on the floor, where it is located the Galgano’s famous sword, which, following inquiries, researches and studies, was forged in 1170. In the chapel it is also possible to find 1300 frescoes that show a great resemblance to the Breton saga of King Arthur. All this allows us to assume once again that the myth of the sword in the rock was born precisely in Tuscany.

The Abbey is a place that has to be absolutely visited to be able to taste fully its historical perfume. But we want to give you some excitement, leaving you to view this short video from Paradiso’s Tuscany Facebook page.

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For convenience, here is the route, with two street options, to reach the abbey from Hotel Terre Rosse.