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Nottilucente: the Art Festival in San Gimignano

Nottilucente: the Art Festival in San Gimignano

Since 2012 the Nottilucente Festival has been taking place in San Gimignano every year: a special moment to celebrate and share art, music and culture between local people and tourists.

An extraordinary event celebrated along the streets and squares of the historical center of San Gimignano from the afternoon to the sunrise. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the beauty of the ancient city joined with art.

Numerous artists included dancers, intellectuals, poets, writers, songwriters and musicians take part to the event. Exhibitions, constructions, workshops, meetings contribute to make this night  magical and unforgettable.

Nottilucente transforms the city of San Gimignano into an occasion devoted entirely to culture, music and entertainment. The only thing that people have to carry with themselves is the spirit of sharing and participation: so it’s important to have your smartphone close at hand to share the moments of #Nottilucente. The entrance is also free for everyone!

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If you’d like to have more information about the event, please visit the official Facebook page of Nottilucente.

Before we say goodbye, we want to show you some of the most representative photos of Nottilucente from the official Facebook page.


Pubblicato da Nottilucente San Gimignano su giovedì 30 giugno 2016