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FRANCESCO LEVY exhibition in San Gimignano

Francesco Levy

From 25 November 2018 to 3 March 2019, at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Via Folgore da San Gimignano 11, the exhibition will be staged ABOUT MEMORY AND ON BEING ELSEWHERE by FRANCESCO LEVY.

In recent years, the Gallery has been open to photography, hosting exhibitions by great masters such as Elliot Erwitt, Franco Fontana, Robert Capa and Cartier-Bresson.

Francesco Levy, a young Tuscan artist, proposes a work on memory in this personal exhibition, where, according to what Elio Grazioli writes, “public history and personal history, that of everyone, so to speak, and individual history are inexorably confronted”. The photographic projects that the artist presents on this occasion start from people and from events of the past, the first linked to his family history, the second to the common one; presented together, in turn intertwine, expanding details and references. For the occasion Levy also presents a video that is the version in moving images