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Mercantia a Certaldo

Mercantia a Certaldo

Mercantia is now a very famous street theater festival that turns to Certaldo, the city of Boccaccio, from Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 July 2018.

The program includes almost 100 events and shows and 400 different artists who will perform every evening: theater, band, parades, dance, visual arts and more.

Among the novelties of this year there is the section dedicated to Japanese traditions: the traditional Japanese percussions played by Ataru Taiko Percussion Group; the Shinto-inspired juggler of the “Daikagura”, the dragon’s ritual dance, Shi-shi-mai, directly from Kanramachi. A leap from the Orient to the origins of the world with the Dutch Close Act and their Saurus, gigantic futuristic dinosaurs up to five meters high moving in the crowd threatening a future return to the mists of time. From great scenography to the poetry of small gestures: stories of love without words with juggling, acrobatics and sudden changes of scene for Duo Looky (Israel) and The Eccentric Show (Brazil). Marionettes of great Nordic tradition instead with the Kabaré Púpala Marionetas (Germany) and their The Wolve Minski And His Friends, a small wolf who can not be as dangerous as he would like. Mentredall’Argentina arrives Manic Freak with Pequeño Payaso, freak that looks for difficult balances in the air.
Also this year the entrance to the Festival will be free in the lower part, where will be set up the large craft market and an important show; paid at the top

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