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Man Ray in San Gimignano

Man Ray a San Gimignano

Over 100 photographic images of Man Ray at the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery
Man Ray was one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century, also called the father of Surrealism and Dadism.Through a strong and irreverent style the American photographer enhances the intelligence of the medium, using experimental techniques such as solarization, collage and rayographies. The camera for Man Ray represents only an auxiliary brush. The exact reproduction of reality is no longer important, as is the exploration of the creative possibilities of the ego, from the most dreamlike and surreal registers to pantomime, to pure divertissement. Poetic and desecrating, Ray in his works explores the sensuality of the bodies, the symbols and the dreaming effects of art, through a style that never remains constant and that lives by the search for ever new forms of communication.

The works allow us to reread the photographic work of the artist over the years, through the series of portraits, among which could not miss the friend Marcel Duchamp in the Rose Selavy version.

The exhibition is open from 08 April until 07 October 2018


Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea “Raffaele De Grada”
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