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LEONARDO DA VINCI 500 years of genius

Leonardo da Vinci

This year the Tuscany region is celebrating one of their most notable Italian artist: Leonardo da Vinci.

500 years from his death , which took place in Amboise on May 2, 1519.

The Tuscany Region celebrates this genius of the Renaissance with a rich and important calendar of events, exhibitions, conferences and shows.

At Palazzo Strozzi, from March 8 to July 14, the exhibition Verrocchio, the Master of Leonardo will bring together Andrea del Verrocchio’s masterpieces, who was one of the greatest masters of the Quattrocento.

At Palazzo Vecchio will display Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus, elaborated by da Vinci while he was still working in Tuscany.

In the city of Prato, an innovative multimedia exhibition is taking place at the Textile Museum until May 26. “Leonardo da Vinci: Genius and Textiles” shows da Vinci’s research into the mechanization of yarns and fibers, silk and wool manufacturing through drawings, paintings and models.

In Vinci, the town of his birth it will be possible to see Leonardo’s first recorded work, dated from 1473, when he would have been 21 years old, ‘Il Paesaggio con Fiume‘: a countryside view with a river As it’s very fragile and can be only shown for brief periods of time, the work will be in Vinci for just 5 weeks, from 15 April 2019, anniversary of the birth of Leonardo in Vinci.