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Duomo of Siena

Certainly, one of the most enchanting highlights in the region is the Duomo of Siena, a
wonderful piece of culture and architecture.

This memorable tour, which allows you to explore the majesty of Siena Cathedral with its Mosaic Floor, the Piccolomini Library and the “Gate of Heaven”, includes the Museum and the “New Cathedral” with its Unfinished Façade, and continues on into the Crypt or undercroft and the Baptistry to explore the human soul and the truths of faith through culture and art.

A breathtaking story of architecture and art: a single, enormous monumental complex that contains work by some of the most important masters in the history of European art, with sculpture by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini, and painting including Duccio di Buoninsegna‘s famous
Maestà originally painted for the high altar of the Cathedral and now on display in the Museum. An absolute masterpiece is the Cathedral’s magnificent marble inlay floor, which is unique both in terms of the technique used to make it and in terms of the message enshrined in its figured panels: a constant invitation to embrace Wisdom.


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Duomo of Siena