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Chianti events

THE PALIO OF SIENA  2nd July 2017 and 16th August 2017

A competition of clear historical medieval mold, which takes place twice a year and attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, its uniqueness make this spectacular event the most important historical event in Italy. The Palio has taken place for more than 100 years, so we can not speak of a historical evocation, but a real festival, followed by the participants and the public after all these years.
The Palio is a competition between the Contrade of the city: Siena divided into 17 Contrade, corresponding to the territories of the city. Of these only 10 can compete in the tender: 7 for their merit, while the other 3 are extracted in the days before the event.


FERIE DELLE MESSI in San Gimignano  3rd week-end of June

Historic Festival through the town’s streets and squares with markets of medieval arts and crafts. Storytellers, actors and musicians. During the Sunday afternoon: knights parade and tournament.
Organized by the Associazione Cavalieri di Santa Fina

VOLTERRA AD  1398 third and fourth sunday of August

Volterra AD 1398 is one of the most entertaining and admired Italian re-enactment festivals.
The festival takes place in the pulsing heart of medieval Volterra and in the singular “Parco di Castello” (town’s public garden), overlooked by the imposing Medici’s Fortress.The town centre is animated by the ever-present past and the visitors are taken, as if by magic, back in time. Fiery steeds, bold knights, noblemen, craftsmen and merchants, peasants and farmers, flag-flyers, crossbowmen and soldiers, jugglers, musicians and jesters bring back to life the mysterious Middle Ages of Volterra.



Street Theatre Festival, which takes place in the streets, squares and gardens of the medieval town of Certaldo. Stilt walkers, puppeteers, fire-eaters, men statue all togheter in a magical atmosphere that involves everyone with his energy and joy.


PALIO OF CASOLE D’ELSA  2nd Sunday of July

The Palio di Casole d’Elsa is a horse race, ridden by jockeys, which takes place every year in honor of St. Isidore. Its origins date back to early 1800.



This Medieval Festival is an unmissable event durinh the tuscan summer. The fairness of Monteriggioni and its walls re-creates the atmosphere of a medieval village with its military garrisons, artisans, nobles and commoners.

HONEY WEEK in Montalcino  2nd Sundays of September

In early September, in the fourteenth century fortress of Montalcino, the honey exhibition takes place every years with its local products.


Boccaccesca is unique event: it is a gastronomic research, led by the chefs of the event, now known throughout all Italy for their experiments that have as object the typical Tuscan products. It is also the research to discover good food and new flavors.