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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci: man of intelligence and talent, lived in the Renaissance era is considered one of the greated geniuses of the mankind. Leonardo was born in Vinci on the 15 of April 1452 and at the age of 16 he moved to Florence. Due to his precocity in art […]

Pan co’ Santi, a typical Sienese sweet

  Pan co’santi is a typical Sienese sweet that is prepared for the All Saints festivities  and as many products of the Sienese tradition its origins date back to the past. In the past it was prepared on saturday, the day when bread was traditionally produced, and strictly in the[…]

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the green gold of Tuscany

Tuscan oil is one of the typical Tuscan products that deserves the place among the excellence of Made in Tuscany. Olive picking begins from mid October through November Tuscan olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil produced in the Tuscany region that is obtained by mechanical extraction processes. In[…]

Volterra, white truffle fair

On 21 and 22, 28-29-30-31 October and 1 November 2017 Volterra celebrates the white truffle with the food & wine fair Volterragusto An appointment for gourmands and professionals enhanced by meetings, tasting workshops, tasting stalls, where gastronomy and culture, a taste of local tradition and some of the most extraordinary[…]

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

  Ambrogio Lorenzetti 22nd October 2017-21st January 2018 Santa Maria della Scala-Siena- An exhibition dedicated to one of the most important european painters of the 14th century, paradoxically still not well known. The lent of works has been significant and focused, therefore the exhibition recalls the whole artistic life of[…]

Torre e Casa Campatelli

Torre e Casa Campatelli is an 18th century building in the village of San Gimignano, which has one of the village’s famous medieval towers. A notable’s house between the 19th and the 20th century, Casa Campatelli reconstructs – through furniture, decoration, paintings and private memories – the atmosphere and the[…]

Duomo of Siena

Certainly, one of the most enchanting highlights in the region is the Duomo of Siena, a wonderful piece of culture and architecture. This memorable tour, which allows you to explore the majesty of Siena Cathedral with its Mosaic Floor, the Piccolomini Library and the “Gate of Heaven”, includes the Museum[…]

Boccacesca exhibition of food and wine excellence

Certaldo is getting ready for the 19th edition of the event dedicated to the cousine and art of good living that will take place from 6 to 8 October 2017 Boccaccesca 2017 discover edible flowers For three days, the birthplace of Giovanni Boccaccio becomes capital of taste with exhibitions of[…]

Il Cinquecento a Firenze

The Cinquecento in Florence

If you are travelling in the nearby and wish to spend an autumn day surrounded by art, we suggest you the event The Cinquecento in Florence. From Michelangelo and Pontormo to Giambologna, hosted by Palazzo Strozzi From 21 September 2017 to 21 January 2018: a spectacular exhibition devoted to the[…]

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photographic exhibition in San Gimignano

Are you a photography fan? Or are you just a lover of photographic exhibitions that allow you to observe life’s magical moments? We are asking you these questions because today we have decided to talk about Henri Cartier-Bresson, who is certainly known to the most experienced in the photographic field.[…]